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Budget Committee
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The elected and appointed officials who serve the community of Gouldsboro are a dedicated group who put serving the public above all else.

All residents of the town are welcome to participate in town activities, including the election of town officials. There are several committees appointed by the Selectmen and each resident is encouraged to apply. Appointments are effective July 1, although vacancies sometimes occur during the year.

Most of the Town's board and committee meetings are held at the Town Office in the conference room. The public is always welcome, and the meetings start promptly at 6:00pm unless otherwise announced. If special accomodations are needed, please contact the Town Office ahead of time. The agendas and minutes for all meetings are posted at the Town Office.

If you are interested in running for an elected position with the town, please contact the Town Clerk. If you are interested in serving on a town board or committee please write a letter of interest to the Town Manager. Both can be reached at the Town Office Go there.

All elected terms of office expire as of the Town Meeting in the year stated.

Board of Appeals:
    Dale Church (Term expires 2018)
    Barbara Bateman (Term expires 2018)
    Jon Young (Term expires 2018)
    Kate Mccloud (Term expires 2018)

Budget Committee:
    Dwight Rodgers - Chair (Term expires 2019)
    Raymond Jones (Term expires 2021)
    Deb Bisson (Term expires 2020)
    Jay Bricker (Term expires 2020)
    Fred Cook (Term expires 2019)
    Mary-Ann Higgins (Term expires 2020)
    Roger Dean (Term expires 2021)
    Janet Michaud (Term expires 2021)
    Dave Seward (Term expires 2019)
    Thoma Watson - ALTERNATE
    Amy Davis - ALTERNATE
    Budget Committee's Page Go there

Building and Grounds Committee:
    Roger Dean (Term expires 2018)
    Robert Youtt (Term expires 2018)
    Mert Chipman (Term expires 2018)

Conservation Committee:
    Murray Joy (Term expires 2017)

Harbor Committee:
    Dana Rice SR.
    Michael Hunt
    Harbor Committee's Page Go there

Planning Board:
    Raymond Jones - Chair (Term expires 2019)
    Paul Stewart (Term expires 2019)
    Frederic Cook (Term expires 2019)
    Deb Bisson (Term expires 2020)
    Bonnie Kane (Term expires 2020)
    Ken Bahm - ALTERNATE (Term expires 2018)
    Jeff Grant - ALTERNATE (Term expires 2018)
    CEO- Rebecca Albright
    Planning Board's Page Go there

Recreation Committee:
    Cheyenne Bernier (Term expires 2018)
    Alison Bunch (Term expires 2018)
    Anne Polk (Term expires 2018)

Roads Committee:
    James Watson, Road Commissioner
    Robert Harmon, Assistant

Shellfish Committee:
    Mike Pinkham - Warden (Term expires 2018)
    Glen Jordan - Assistant Warden (Term expires 2018)
    Donald Bishop (Term expires 2018)
    David Deniger (Term expires 2018)
    Hollis Smith (Term expires 2018)
    PJ Presnell (Term expires 2018)
    Shellfish Committee's Page Go there

Solid Waste Committee:
    Raymond Jones - Chair (Term expires 2018)
    Mary-Ann Higgins (Term expires 2018)
    Jerry Kron (Term expires 2018)
    Annetje Meyer (Term expires 2018)
    Janet Michaud (Term expires 2018)
    Rebecca O'Keefe (Term expires 2018)
    Pat Weaver (Term expires 2018)
    Solid Waste Committee's Page Go there

Veterans Affairs Advisor:
    Charles Flaherty
    Veterans Committee Website Go there
    Veterans Committee Facebook Page Go there

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