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Assessor's Office
Code Enforcement Officer
E-911 Coordinator
Fire Department
Harbor Master
Health Officer
Police Department
Registrar of Voters
Road Commissioner
Town Clerks

          Departments & Offices          

Below is a list of Appointed Officials broken down by position, and listed in alphabetical order of title. Additional information pertaining to specific departments and offices is presented in their own sections listed to the left. If you are interested in serving as a town official, please write a letter of interest to the Town Manager.

Assessor's Office:
    Gary Geaghan, Assessor
    Cindy Lowe, Assessor's Assistant
    Assessor's Office Page Go there

Civil Emergency Preparedness Director:
    Peter McKenzie

Code Enforcement Officer
    Jim Mclean
    Code Enforcement Officer's Page Go there

E-911 Coordinator:
    Jim Mclean
    E-911 Coordinator's Page Go there

Emergency Plan Coordinator:
    Peter McKenzie

Excise Tax Collector:
    Sherri Cox

Fire Department:
    Tate McLean, Chief
    Fire Department Page Go there

Hancock County Planning Commission:
    Raymond Jones
    Thomasina Watson, Alternate

Harbor Masters:
    Dana Rice, Harbor Master
    Michael Hunt, Deputy
    Harbor Master's Page Go there

Health Officer:
    Tatum McLean
    Health Officer's Page Go there

Newsletter Coordinator:
    Sherri Cox, Editor

Overseer of the Poor:
    Sherri Cox

Plumbing Inspector:

Police Department:
    Tyler Dunbar, Chief
    John Shively
    Eli Brown
    Police Department's Page Go there

Registrar of Voters:
    Sherri Cox
   Registrar of Voters' Page Go there

Road Commissioner:
    James Watson
    Sherri Cox, Assistant
    Road Commissioner's Page Go there

    Dana Rice, Chair (Term expires 2020)
    William Thayer, Vice Chair (Term expires 2021)
    Ernest West (Term expires 2019)
    Glenn Grant (Term expires 2019)
    Cheryl Robinson (Term expires 2021)
    Selectmen's Page Go there

Shellfish Warden:
    Mike Pinkham
    Shellfish Warden's Page Go there

Tax Collector:
    Sherri Cox

Town Clerk:
    Sherri Cox
    Town Clerk's Page Go there

Town Manager:
    Sherri Cox

    Sherri Cox

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